From Principal's Desk

'An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.' Benjamin Franklin

It is my privilege to be the Principal of a prestigious school, Asha Jyoti Vidyapeeth Faridabad which is continually working towards the knowledge enhancement of its students through various innovative means. We understand that a student has to be skilled in academics as well as in the field of life to be a winner. Further we also understand that standing first in the race of academics is not the same as excelling in life at large and hence does not justify a student's acumen.

Excellence cannot be measured. Excellence comes with unlimited data recharge option – we work on this phenomenon. It is our goal to make each and every student succeed. We offer our students the best possible opportunities to become confident, thoughtful and prepared for any challenge, in an exciting but an unknown world which is still to be explored

The times are tough as we are battling one of the most deadly pandemics ever seen- Covid 19, but still our spirits are high. Our students and Staff have fought back courageously, taking each day at a stride and marching ahead bravely. Teachers have used technology to the hilt and every day are exploring the same, leading their children on the path of success.

The school which boasts of lush green campus of 11 acres and numerous games fields also has technology friendly laboratories and classrooms from the start and is 'a future ready' school, hence the hurdle of pandemic could not divert it from its goal.

We believe in honing the inherent and latent quality of each child and working upon the same to make the students winners on the platform of life irrespective of their grades attained. A Principal is the pedagogical head of the school and my team has proved to be a rare and exceptionally focused one to lead each and every student on the path of achievement. We pay special attention to boost the self confidence of our students, instilling in them a fighter's spirit. We understand no two children can be alike and for this we develop the personality of our children by polishing their communication skills. If a child can express himself or herself then he or she will never look back.

I am extremely thankful to the parents of our students for reposing their trust in us and always standing with the school in its quest of excellence. Excellent We Were- Excellent We Will Be! With this mindset I along the team of Asha Jyoti Vidyapeeth thank all once again for being with us in this changing times as Leo Buscaglia has aptly said, 'change is the end result of all true learning.'

Let us change- Let us Learn.

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