Asha Jyoti Vidyapeeth is a co-educational school affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi.

The institution is set in a lush green expanse of 10 acres in a pollution free campus. The school has embodied in it the tradition and culture of our motherland while resting its foundation on the vibrance of modernity and techno savy skills.

Revitalising ancient values and reintegrating there to suit the changing needs of modern times alone will give people the strength to assimilate whatever is good in the new, without being swept off their feet by the tornadoes rushing from several sides.

The School recognizes no antagonism between science and spirituality. It believes that they are complementary and mutually invigorating and as such, while promoting modern scientific progress, the School seeks to stoke a synthesis between material and spiritual values.

The school is thereby committed to provide holistic education embodying in it the components of academics, social, cultural and physical development along with skill building and moral values through practical experience.

The school is focussed on developing a sense of social responsibility and civic sense in its pupils by exposure to various activities and participation in various social events and Inter school competitions.

The school has been equipped with huge spacious classrooms with full IT support, a well stocked library, computer labs.

The school has a competent faculty to help impart the curriculum in class and shape students to become competent good citizens of the school community.

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